The Little Wattlebird, also known as the Anthochaera chrysopthera is a medium to large honeyeater found in various regions of eastern Australia (from the Meliphagidae family). This specific bird was found in Upper Beaconsfield flying in and out of the flora. The little Wattlebird has a lovely call (seen calling in the first image) and is one of my favorite birds, but can be a pain to try and capture in action.Because the bird is fairly fast and rarely stay's in one place the images below had to be taken using a faster shutter speed, again using the Auto-ISO function of my digital camera (Nikon D5300) which sets the minimum shutter speed, and adjusts the ISO accordingly. Because the bird is small (compared to say a Cockatoo) it requires a shutter speed faster than 1/1000, or at least to have the bird still on one place.The images below were taken with