I have been eargly awaiting the release of Aurora HDR 2018 which has been released in the last few weeks. To do a demo, I  used a landscape photo I took at the il Tartufo restaurant near Arrowtown, NZ during a work trip. The photo is two stitched images which were stitched in Lightroom and had some very minor editing conducted to the image.  The image was duplicated and edited in Aurora HDR 2018 where I picked the "Landscape Enhanced Preset" but made no other changes. Left is old image, right is Aurora HDR.

I have found myself in awe over the Gigapan Robot that is available from www.gigapan.com but because my budget is far smaller than the cost of that unit, I have decided to create my own. My skills with Arduino are fairly good, but there is a fantastic photographer called Xavier who has actually created his own robot which can be viewed on the following links:http://xaviergp.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/robot-panoramico-xs-la-lista-de-la.htmlhttp://xaviergp.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/robot-panoramico-xs-la-electronica.htmlhttp://xaviergp.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/robot-panoramico-xs-diseno-mecanico.html Mine is very similar, using the same code from Xaviers, however where I have differed is that I am using Lazy Susan bearings for my pan and tilt mechanisms, and using Worm and Cog gears to handle the horizontal and vertical movement.  As time progesses I will post more of my images up on here, but for now the first image I have taken that is in the style of a gigapan image (e.g. multiple images stitched together) is available below:Berwick Lookout at Night