The MIOPS 'Mobile Remote' (MMR) is the second smart trigger and the second sucessful crowdsourced campaign from MIOPS, with the first being their sucessful 'Smart' trigger (ST). The MMR is designed to connect to your supported DSLR or mirrorless camera, and your compatiable mobile device to function as a wireless trigger, or offer more advanced functionality which can include;Cable release Intervelometer Timelapse triggering (inc. bulb ramping) HDR Sound triggering Motion triggering Vibration triggering Combination of the above (scenario)The MMR differs from the ST in that it is smaller, does not have a screen and offloads all of the configuration and some of the functionality

The following appeared on the Travis Hale - Science and Photography YouTube Channel and has automatically been posted on A demo of the Pluto Wireless Trigger, being used in Break beam (Laser) mode.Apologies for the poor video quality, just wanted to do a quick demo, but as I do more video's I am sure I will improve.As always, more information is on my website at www.travishale.comThe video can also be viewed at: