The Western honey bee or Apis mellifera is a common insect around my parents garden in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne, being attracted to the pollen from the Grevillea banksii. The Western honey bee is a fascinating insect that is commercially used to produce honey. It also has a social caste system in addition to complex communication behaviours (e.g. dances to indicate food availability). Sadly it is also currently being affected due to colony collapse disorder.The bee's proved to be great subjects, with so many flying around the Grevillea it allowed me to stand near the large plant for more than 5 minutes taking photos of the insects, the important part was not to make rapid movements, and not to disturb or threaten the bee's so as to prevent being stung. I am also not allergic to bee's so that was an added bonus.The images below were taken using a

I visited an open garden event on Sunday 13th of September which was fundraising for the Upper Beaconsfield Fire Brigade, another brigade of the Country Fire Authority.The event was well attended when I was there just before midday.I will process and hopefully post some more landscapes during the next few weeks but below are some of my favorite animal shots, whilst we were sitting down under a tree I heard a buzzing, and just before changing lenses I decided to take the camera and investigate.I was happy to see that the tree was in full bloom and full of Bee's, so I got out the Sigma 150mm Macro and my Nikon D5300 and started taking some photos. I do like Bee's as they are a useful creature (unlike Wasps who are just Jerks!), but I have learnt to be aware and not annoy the bee's as I don't want to