The Blue Pools track is another must visit if you are on the South Island and near the Mount Aspiring National Park. The Blue River itself is a small river which flows within the Mount Aspiring National Park. The head of the river is south-east of the main range near the Mountain Eyetooth, and later on, the north and south branch join to form the main Blue River. Prior to the Blue River flowing into the Makrora river, it passes through a narrow gorge which is known as the 'Blue Pools'.

  My wife is a passionate baker, and often I end up being the beneficiary of that passion through tasting the food.These are older pictures, but this was her attempt at a multicoloured birthday cake for our daughters 2nd birthday some time ago. The cake was made by making 6 smaller cakes each a different colour (with food colouring) and cutting them into smaller pieces, after which she combined them all together and iced the outside.I don't often do food photography (since it is way harder) but wanted to share the lovely cake since I was impressed with it!