This episode of "Cool Stuff Under the Microscope" is focused on Silica Gel, which is a material used in air sampling to absorb chemicals which are later desorbed for analysis by specific analytical techniques. A piece of Silica was placed on a Microscope slide and analysed under the Radical microscope (More info here) with a Nikon D5300 Digital Camera being used to image the silica gel.Because the depth of field is so shallow (talking microns), the following images are focus stacked from about 4 or so images through photoshop, and then finally edited in Lightroom. As always if there is anything (readily available) you are

This episode of "Cool Stuff Under the Microscope" focuses on Activated Carbon, which is a compound used for many different purposes, it can be used for air sampling to collect chemicals for later analysis, or alternatively can be used in filtration to absorb chemicals removing them from the environment be it water, air or otherwise.The following image was taken using a Radical Microscope (Details Here), and the images were captured using a Nikon D5300 Digital Camera. Again because the depth of field is so shallow the image was focus stacked in order to maximize the depth of field.Got any idea's on other things I should

Every now and again I do a segment called Cool Things Under the Microscope; this time I have focused on Particle Board which is an engineered wood product that consists of wood chips, sawmill shavings, and potentially even sawdust which is bonded together using a synthetic resin or another binder. The product is used commonly just not typically outdoors due to it's ability to expand being susceptible to moisture related damage. It has many names, but most would be familiar with the terms MDF, or Chipboard.The images below were taken with a Nikon D5300 Digital Camera, and a Radical RXL-4T Microscope. Because the depth of field

For this episode of "Cool Stuff Under the Microscope", I decided to have a look at a flies wing. The fly had previously died having landed on a spiders web, so I removed the fly from the web and carefully tried to remove the wing from the fly. The wing was imaged under a low magnification objective, in about 4 images which were each focus stacked and finally the four images were joined into the one composite image.Some minor editing, and removal of the background (although I did it poorly) was done, but otherwise I was happy with how it came out and impressed with

 People often think that the air we breath is relatively benign, but the reality could not be further from the truth. The air we breath is almost in itself another world which contains millions of microorganisms including fungi. Fungi is a microorganism which is ubiquitous around the world and for most people does not present a significant issue, however once allergies and / or immunosuppression kicks in it can become a bigger issue.The following images are of AGAR plates, the red plates are what is known as Blood Agar which typically grows fastidious bacteria and some fungi because of the variety of complex nutrients found