The puppy dog eyes never really worked for the seal, albeit a cute animal it just does not have the same draw that a puppy or kitten has making the same faces. The seal was nonetheless very energetic during a recent visit to the Zoo, putting on a great show for the visitors in the underwater viewing area.Images were taken with Nikon D5300 and Tamron 150-600mm lense.

 People often think that the air we breath is relatively benign, but the reality could not be further from the truth. The air we breath is almost in itself another world which contains millions of microorganisms including fungi. Fungi is a microorganism which is ubiquitous around the world and for most people does not present a significant issue, however once allergies and / or immunosuppression kicks in it can become a bigger issue.The following images are of AGAR plates, the red plates are what is known as Blood Agar which typically grows fastidious bacteria and some fungi because of the variety of complex nutrients found

During a recent visit to Warburton for an Open Gardens I decided to make a trip to the top of Mount Donna Buang, a mountain approximately 80 km's from Melbourne, and an elevation of 1250 metres.Over winter the mountain is usually covered in snow however during summer it is far easier to reach the summit, where there is a tower at the top providing panoramic views across the Dandenong's and the Yarra Valley.Whilst I was up there I took my camera and got a few panoramic views, however, since the tower had a gridded base I was not able to use my tripod and thus

If ever I had a favorite group of animals, beyond the Meerkats it would be the Orangutan. They are so similar to us in behaviour that it is at times eerie. A trip to the Melbourne Zoo showed me this character who was at home with his blanket, sitting in the centre of the enclosure enjoying the warmth (it was a cold day) and I did like the look of the blanket as well.It does not take a huge stretch of the imagination to see yourself in one of these animals, the eyes being the window of the soul to me seem so 'human' but

Every now and again I 'cheat' by way of photography and these Cockatoo shots are no exception. Sometimes so as to not be anti-social I don't want to be out waiting for birds to land to try and get photos and want to be able to set the camera up and just 'leave' it to take some photos. Thankfully some years ago my lovely wife got me a motion trigger for my camera which allows me to do this. These are fairly common and available on ebay, and all you do is set the sensitivity of the motion detector and leave it in an appropriate

Butterflies are an insect that I have always wanted to try and get some photos of at home, however they are not typically in abundance in the sort of urban area I live in. A trip to the Butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo gave a good opportunity to have a practice of taking photo's of the butterflies, with mixed results. As you can see below in some the focus worked well, whilst others I missed the focus which was a shame.The images were taken with a Nikon D5300, and this time a Sigma 150mm macro (but with no flash).

I love microscopy, I think there are so many cool things around in everyday life that seem fairly simple at first glance but when you get the opportunity to look at them in greater detail they just look so different to what you would typically expect.Since I have now set up, I wanted to give myself a challenge to image different everyday objects under the microscope and see what they look like. Today's item was fairly simple Epsom Salt which is chemically known as Magnesium sulfate (MgSo4).These images for the most part are taken by dark-field optical microscopy, and since the depth of field is

I noticed outside a number of jumping spiders, and having had some success with a black porcelain tile I thought it would be worth another try but with a different spider (last time was a flower spider). There are plenty of jumping spiders outside my house so I safely collected one, put it on the tile and started taking pictures as it wandered around the tile.The images were taken with a Nikon D5300 digital camera, and a Sigma 150mm Macro. Once I had finished I safely collected the jumping spider and put it back where I found it outside.Amusingly after I had placed it outside,

I visited Lakeside Pakenham today on my way back from Whooping Cough Injections and came across these guys; The House Sparrow or Passer domesticus. The First image which blurs out the second bird a bit too much was my favorite as if a bit of a 'challenge' as to who can get the bread first.Images were taken with Nikon D5300 and Tamron 150-600mm.

Update: Would you believe my camera USB port broke, so I am in the process of changing the camera for my microscopy setup. If you are looking into setting up your own set-up, you may do better with a Canon camera which has EFSC. This reduces vibration significantly, once I have my new system up and running I will do another updated post. People have asked about my microscopy setup, so I felt for completeness it would be useful to do a post about my setup and how it all works. The microscope I use is a relatively simple optical microscope made by a company in India