The Elephant is one of the most majestic creatures around, so much so that in times gone by the elephant was considered to be a carrier of kings due to its status. Further the elephant is also said to have a remarkable memory, partly due to its ability to survive in the wild. There is something quite remarkable about the elephant, whether it is the eye, or the composure of otherwise they are a creature I just enjoy watching.At my trip to the Zoo, one of the elephant's appeared to be having a great time playing with the tethered ball. Also was a huge hit with

Truth be told I am actually not a huge spider fan, and I know this blog and my various photo collections would make people think otherwise but I really just take photos of spiders because in certain parts outside they are somewhat in excess. Having said that some of the spiders when you see them up so close are actually quite interesting, and vary so much in terms of their size, shape, and even character to a certain extent.I decided, after taking some Microscopy photos I would see if I could find something outside to have a look at under the microscope, but in looking

  My wife is a passionate baker, and often I end up being the beneficiary of that passion through tasting the food.These are older pictures, but this was her attempt at a multicoloured birthday cake for our daughters 2nd birthday some time ago. The cake was made by making 6 smaller cakes each a different colour (with food colouring) and cutting them into smaller pieces, after which she combined them all together and iced the outside.I don't often do food photography (since it is way harder) but wanted to share the lovely cake since I was impressed with it! 

I am passionate about many things, and Microbiology is most definitely one of them. There is something fascinating about the world that exists right in front of us, but we are not quite able to see. Me being a passionate Nerd / Geek (not a bad thing) I actually have a microscope at home, and most recently I got an adapter to connect the Microscope to my Nikon D5300 DSLR so I am not able to try and start to capture the world I can't quite see.I made a short trip to a nearby creek, and on the advice of some I collected some scraping

The Pelican is a common sight around water, and as such I think often they are treated a bit unfairly compared to Elephants and other creatures. They do seem to survive well so that is an added bonus, plus they look unusual with the large bill and the yellow coloring around the eye. This guy is from the family Pelecanidae, the Genus Pelecanus and is species P. conspicillatusThis guy was seen at the water exhibit of the Melbourne Zoo, again with the Nikon D5300 and the Tamron 150-600mm lense, mind you it did not mind me approaching in the slightest!

Chrome Bumpers is an event held by the South East Chrome Bumpers typically in Pakenham on the first Friday of the month. The event raises valuable funds for the Toomuc Fire Brigade, a member of the Country Fire Authority. Events are well attended, with BBQ's and even Coffee supplied by Float n Coffee. A big thanks to everyone who attended to support our fire brigade.I was slightly under the weather, so could not stay the whole event, but on my way out I thought i would try and get a few 360 panorama images. Sadly because I was using my camera hand held, and had not

The Gorilla is an animal that inspires respect, whether it is the sheer size, their strength of their behaviour I am not sure but a recent trip the the Melbourne Zoo in August was no exception. The Silverback Gorilla's had recently had a baby and as such the main viewing area was restricted but there were still points where one could see the Gorilla from afar.I brought my Nikon D5300 camera, and my Tamron 150-600mm lense with me, and because of the great focal length I got a good view of one of the Gorilla's, mind you it was a challenge to try and stop

 Developing photographic techniques can be difficult, and there are often few places at home that give a good opportunity to master techniques. A trip to the Melbourne Zoo gave some inspiration, and I came across the Mandrill.This colorful creature almost enjoyed showing off (in my opinion) and alternated between turning towards me and away from me whilst I was trying to take its photograph. I did manage to get a few shots which highlight the magnificent colours of the Mandrill's face.The images themselves were taken with a Nikon D5300, and a Tamron 150-600mm Macro.

Recently during a weekend trip to Phillip Island I visited my parents at a place they rent out throughout the year. This gave me a great chance to practice my photography in terms of doing more panoramas (at the beach) and also virtual tours of the house.I decided to get out my fisheye lense, and after watching a few youtube video's I thought i would try and take a few 360 degree images, which were a tiny challenge as everything has to be done in manual mode on the DSLR camera, so balancing light can be an issue at times.For a first attempt, I am