I often need to edit 360 photos which are most commonly taken on my QooCam 8K, or using my Nikon D610 & Nikkon 16mm Fisheye Lens. Editing these photos is fairly easy once you know how.

With that in mind, and as much for my own memory as anything else I thought I would give a quick primer on how to edit 360 (Eqirectangular) photos using Affinity Photo.

  • Select the 360 (eqirectangular image) layer, and from the layer menu click Live Projection —> Equirectangular Projection.
  • The Image layer will appear as a live projection, and the Edit Live Projection tool will be selected.
  • Use the Edit Live Projection Tool to navigate around the area until you reach an area of the image image which you wish to edit.
  • Using the tools you want, make the edit.

If you happen to choose another tool when panning in the live projection mode, you will leave the Edit Live Projection tool. To return to this tool you can either choose the move tool, and from the toolbar select the Edit Live Projection Tool, or from the Layer Menu, choose live Projection —> Edit Live Projection.

If you want to straighten the image, you can click on Straighten on the context toolbar, and either click and drag the value box, or click once and enter a new value (which is in degrees)

If you want to change the centre point of an image, when you are in Live Projection View, there is a Center Coordinate System on the context toolbar. Pan the image around and when you have the centre where you want it press “Centre Coordinate System”.

Once you are finished in the Live Projection Mode, you can select your image layer, then from the Layer Menu select Live Projection —> Remove Projection,

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