I have recently started to get into 360 degree images which I used to take with my Nikon DSLR, and my 10.5mm Fisheye. This was achievable using about 6 images around 60 degrees apart, and then one at the top and bottom of the image, it worked but was clunky for the times when I was fine with a lower quality image. To put it in perspective the images that came out were typically around 60 – 70 megapixel, for times when I wanted to capture a quick snap, and I was happier with a lower quality it became a pain. Having seen recent growth with 360 degree camera's recently I thought i would try the Samsung Gear 360, which is a 360 degree camera that has been designed to allow for quick 360 degree images.


The 360 degree image, pictured below was captured with a Samsung Gear 360 camera. This is a 30 megapixel camera which consists of two fish eye lenses and sensors which can run independently or combined into one stitched image (or view). The one deficiency of this camera is that it is highly tied into the Samsung phone ecosystem, so if you don't have a compatible Samsung phone you will find many of the features are not available, for me this was not an issue since I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 which was one of the phones which works with this device.


Images (Click and drag image to move, or move mobile device):

[vrview img=”” ]
A 360 degree view of Mornington beach, taken from just beside the Mornington War Memorial.


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