My website is powered by WordPress, and contains a number of moving parts which can often be taxing on web servers and reduce the user experience (e.g. increase load times). In order to get the best out of my site I went through and optimized the site but, as you will often find that can only get you so far.

One big aspect to how fast a website loads is the web host itself (this can often be identified in the Time to First Byte (TTFB) which was too slow in my previous host. With that in mind i moved across to the A2 Hosting platform to get the best out of my site.

After looking at a range of different options, I settled on the Shared Hosting with TurboBoost. This limits the number of users on the shared server and also adds in caching options to get the best out of your site.

My experience with A2 Hosting has been second to none, the team helped me easily move my website from my existing provider over to their platform, and when I have had issues (usually due to me making a silly htaccess mistake) the support team have been great in helping me fix it up.

I would highly recommend A2 Hosting if you are looking for a great host, they may not be the cheapest provider but I have learnt by using many different web hosts that you do get what you pay for (typically).

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