Travis Hale is a professional with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, where he focused on environmental and medical microbiology. During his studies, he conducted an applied research project in collaboration with Monash University and CSIRO, examining the effectiveness of market products in preventing the decay of timber utility poles.

After graduation, Travis worked in an environmental lab where he specialized in soil and water preparation and analysis, with a particular focus on Volatile Organic Compounds (BTEX), customer service, procurement, shipping, and logistics.

In 2010, Travis joined CETEC, a scientific consultancy, where he started by conducting product performance testing with an emphasis on emissions of volatile organic compounds. He eventually moved on to provide scientific consulting to clients to help them address issues that affect the built environment. During his tenure at CETEC, Travis played a key role in developing the technical content for the National Guidelines for the control of Legionella in Health and Aged Care Facilities in Australia.

With his background in microbiology, Travis expanded the laboratory's capabilities to include the endorsement of biological sampling of potable water and rapid testing of Legionella, in addition to culture-based sampling for bacteria in potable water. He has extensive experience in a wide range of analytical techniques, including (but not limited to) microscopy (conventional and scanning electron microscopy), gas chromatography with mass spectrometry, FTIR, and real-time gas measurement equipment, as well as a wide range of microbiology experience.

Travis has produced expert reports for the Magistrates Court, the County Court, and has provided evidence to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal. He has also conducted many occupational hygiene assessments, including in high-risk environments, potable water assessments, and developed microbial risk reports and plans for critical facilities. In addition, Travis is a lead auditor with a focus on compliance to management systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 & AS/NZS 4801. He has a strong understanding of risk assessment and mitigation, including through frameworks such as ISO 31000, and an understanding of the impact of these risks on occupant health, satisfaction, and productivity.

Travis has a deep knowledge of indoor environmental quality and its impact on the productivity, well-being, and satisfaction of occupants within the built environment. He is a NABERS Assessor, and has a keen interest in the use of real-time and near real-time sensor devices for improving the built environment. He is also interested in how people interact with the built environment and how this can be optimized to improve productivity. Travis has a passion and strong focus on microbial risks and how they affect buildings from a health and biodegradation perspective.

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