Hello, I’m Travis Hale.

I am passionate about many things and this site represents many of my passions, either through my photography gallery, my blog or just other information.Profile

I tend to not take myself too seriously, and this site is not intended to do that so I apologise if I have failed in that aspect. I must admit writing Bio’s I find cringe-worthy, almost as much as job interviews but I thought it might be useful to provide some more information.

I am passionate about my family, but they tend to be a bit shyer than myself to there is limited information on my website about them, however, you may find bits and pieces in the gallery from time to time.

There may (and likely will) be many things I have missed out of this about section, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on one of the numerous social media networks I am a part of, they include Flickr, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.



I am self-taught in photography, having done a little bit of film photography back in high school, but only discovering the joys of DSLR’s, Photoshop and Lightroom in 2013. My Education and career are in science, having obtained a Bachelor of Science, officially majoring in Biotechnology and unofficially sub-majoring in Microbiology.



During my final year of university, I undertook an applied research project with Monash University in conjunction with CSIRO. The project investigated the suitability of a market product (field-liners) in preventing decay of timber utility poles which was subsequently published at a conference for the International research group for wood preservation.

My love of science was driven far before my university days, having participated in the Monash University’s summer kids science parties (and even once having a child’s themed science party).

After graduating, I worked at Labmark laboratories conducting soil and water analysis. Where my role was varied but included everything from registering samples and dealing with customer enquiries through to sample preparation and analysis.

After 1 – 2 years the laboratory was purchased by Amdel and relocated to Clayton, where I worked typically doing Volatile Organic Compound sample preparation and analysis, in addition to some customer enquiry work, and some stores work as required.

After about a year, I left to work at Sigma laboratories and within 6 months to a year after that obtained a role as a scientific consultant at CETEC Pty Ltd.

My role at CETEC has been diverse and varied due to the nature of the work being conducted, however it has included providing technical advice on materials performance and durability, consulting on indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality within the built environment, and most recently it has included applying my microbiological knowledge to assist in treating Legionella issues within potable water networks in the built environment.

I have obtained significant experience through CETEC, even being involved in writing the EnHealth national draft guidelines for managing Legionella risk in the potable water networks of critical care facilities.



I have a number of passions; these include of course Science, where I have a particular fascination with microbiology and microscopy.

I also have a passion for electronics & IT, including programming (e.g. Arduino, VB.net, VBA), Home Automation and general electronics.

Beyond science I also, as this website would indicate have a passion for photography, with a particular interest in nature photography be it big (e.g. landscapes), or small (e.g. macro or micro photography).

I also volunteer with the Country Fire Authority as listed below.


Volunteer Work:

I am proud to have volunteered with the Country Fire Authority as a fire-fighter having volunteered from a young age. I started off as a junior (a non-operational member) learning various skills before at the age of 16 I became operational joining Narre Warren East Fire Brigade, I was at Narre Warren East for a number of years (probably > 8) before I eventually moved to Pakenham and joined Toomuc Fire Brigade.

Although I love volunteering, I have also gained a number of valuable skills from my time within the CFA which have included:

  • First Aid including Oxygen
  • Enterprise Skills Trainer
  • TAA Assessor
  • Chainsaw Operator
  • Certified Truck Driver
  • Wildfire Firefighter
  • Wildfire with low Structure Firefighter

Sadly due to family commitments, I had to resign (2017) after more than 16 years of service. I do hope to return to the CFA later again in life once my children are older and less dependent.


Published Papers:

I have either authored or co-authored the following published papers below:

  • Field-liners as physical barriers to prevent wooden utility pole decay in soil: An accelerated field simulation trial –  (International Research Group on Wood Protection, 2008)
  • Microbiological Contamination of Potable Water System within Critical Care Facilities: A Hospital Experience – (The Hospital Engineer, September 2013)
  • Building Rehabilitation – Mould in Residential School and Hospital Buildings Following the Recent Australian Floods – (Healthy Buildings 2012)
  • The Health Fitout: Material Selection Review for New Fit Outs – (Healthy Buildings 2012)

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  1. Hello Travis…just came across your photo of a microscope with a motor drive on the fine focus drive. Thought you might like to see what we have developed for use with a microscope….RetroZED. Designed for use with the Stackshot controller (Cognisys USA) as well as software (Helicon or Zerene Stacker) plus DSLR or MILC. Let me know if you have any questions.

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