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AI Powered Photo Editor – Luminar AI

Skylum have recently announced that pre-orders have opened for their new photo editing tool; Luminar AI. This new software editor is not an upgrade to Luminar 4, but a completely new product which has been rebuilt from the ground up with better performance, and new AI tools which are designed to make life easier for visual communicators, bloggers, photographers and more.

Luminar AI includes many of the existing AI tools that the Luminar 4 package came with (e.g. Sky AI V1, Structure AI), but it also includes a range of new AI tools including;

  • Portrait AI (Face, Body & Iris AI)
  • Atmosphere AI
  • Composition AI

It is also reported that Sky AI V2 is coming in 2021, allowing the sky to be mirrored as a reflection in water.

In addition, Luminar AI includes a new feature called templates. These are like looks on steroids but are powered by AI, so that the AI can understand the image (e.g. macro, portrait, landscape, sunset) and then make suggestions on which templates may suit your photo based on what it understands. At all times though, you retain creative control and have the ability to; accept template suggestions as is, accept template suggestions and make modifications or ignore template suggestions and make your own edits.

I have written a few articles on Luminar AI‘s features which you can find below;

If you are interested in pre-ordering Luminar AI, you can do so here.

Note, post contains affiliate links and if you pre-order using these links, I receive a small commission. This does not change the price of the product but does help support my ability to bring you content.

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