I recently received the Arsenal AI Generation 2 which is the successor to Arsenal AI. In addition to more processing power, one of the main features of Arsenal AI 2 is an AI powered feature called Deep Color.

Deep Color is AI powered color correction, where the scene is analyzed to understand what the scene is, and subsequently how the color in the scene can be improved. This is presented as a slider on supported images to allow the user to adjust the strength of the Deep Color application, from none to 100% so the user can change the strength of the color correction on compatible files.

In this post, I wanted to share a simple example of Deep Color, as time goes on and I take more I will aim to update this article with more examples in different scenarios. In all cases I have taken the image using the Arsenal AI 2, saved one copy as the control or reference, and a second copy with the Deep color applied (at 100% strength). Typically in the images the left hand side is the control and the right hand side is the Deep color image, and you can see more or less of an image by sliding the line in the middle of the image to the left or right.

I have deliberately avoided doing any significant photo editing to the Images, they are brought into Lightroom, and some very minor spot removal is applied to all images (I.e. to remove dust spots) before all the images are exported (so they all have the same color handling and rendering). There is no modification of colors in Lightroom CC, and what minor changes are made to the photos are made to all photos not just one.

Image Set 1: A landscape image with correct exposure. In this case the image on the left is the control image whilst the image on the right is the Deep Color applied image.

Image Set 2: The same images as above but these were underexposed by about 1 stop to see the difference. The left image is the control whilst the right image is the Deep Color image.

In the above examples you can see that the colors are clearly improved, especially when considering the darker photo to the photo which has had the exposure increased as well as the colors fixed up. Clearly this is only one photo, so I will be aiming to take many more and update this post accordingly, so why not follow me on social media and you can see when the post is updated.

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