There has been an increase in activity of the Aurora over the later part of 2021, and as we come out of the Solar Minimum (the sun runs in 11 year cycles) it is expected to become more frequent and potentially higher intensity until we get back into the solar minimum again. Generally speaking to see the aurora it needs to be dark (i.e. without a full moon or significant ambient light), you need to have a clear view across the horizon to the south magnetic pole, and you need to be as close south as possible. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to include some of the locations I am aware of that you can potentially capture the aurora (subject to weather, ambient light and a range of other factors), note that many of these places won't always see the aurora as it depends on its strength as well as local environmental conditions as to if you can see it, but generally the better the conditions and the stronger the aurora the more likely you are to see it.

This list largely focusses on Victoria (as I am from there):

NameStreetSuburbStateGoogle Maps Hyperlink
Federal Street, Aireys Inlet, VICFederal StreetAireys InletVIC-38.4686155628571,144.104699474285
The Horn Track, Alpine Shire, VICThe Horn TrackAlpine ShireVIC-36.7762487,146.765922
Buffalo River Road, Alpine Shire, VICBuffalo River RoadAlpine ShireVIC-36.7144306357142,146.660883785714
Berrys Beach Road, Bass Coast Shire, VICBerrys Beach RoadBass Coast ShireVIC-38.5155606,145.202693058159
Bluff Road, Bass Coast Shire, VICBluff RoadBass Coast ShireVIC-38.4677614,145.4398365
Point Addis Road, Bells Beach, VICPoint Addis RoadBells BeachVIC-38.395231,144.252228
Cape Schanck Road, Boneo, VICCape Schanck RoadBoneoVIC-38.492788,144.887192
Huggetts Road, Coongulla, VICHuggetts RoadCoongullaVIC-37.85024,146.803984
Pyramid Rock Road, Cowes, VICPyramid Rock RoadCowesVIC-38.5286733,145.2218846
Bass Highway, Dalyston, VICBass HighwayDalystonVIC-38.554169,145.48255
Bass Highway, Dalyston, VICBass HighwayDalystonVIC-38.554169,145.48255
Anchorage Drive, Devon Meadows, VICAnchorage DriveDevon MeadowsVIC-38.215808,145.340903
Eldorado-Tarrawingee Road, Eldorado, VICEldorado-Tarrawingee RoadEldoradoVIC-36.3356816,146.4973156
Kaanglang Road, Forrest, VICKaanglang RoadForrestVIC-38.530902,143.727774
Wangaratta-kilfeera Road, Greta West, VICWangaratta-kilfeera RoadGreta WestVIC-36.538369,146.277846
Sandbar Road, Halls Gap, VICSandbar RoadHalls GapVIC-37.007862,142.637094
Berrys Road, Harmers Haven, VICBerrys RoadHarmers HavenVIC-38.656043,145.580042
Cape Paterson-inverloch Road, Inverloch, VICCape Paterson-inverloch RoadInverlochVIC-38.666913,145.669856
Struan Road, Inverloch, VICStruan RoadInverlochVIC-38.673994,145.648076
Lighthouse Road, Johanna, VICLighthouse RoadJohannaVIC-38.853542,143.522214
Great Ocean Road, Johanna, VICGreat Ocean RoadJohannaVIC-38.78106,143.431186
Red Johanna Road, Johanna, VICRed Johanna RoadJohannaVIC-38.758674,143.376011
Bourke Creek Trestle Bridge, Kilcunda, VICBourke Creek Trestle BridgeKilcundaVIC-38.55452079269353, 145.48226842625533
Brian Higgins Drive, Laceby, VICBrian Higgins DriveLacebyVIC-36.417517,146.300217
Fountain Track, Maldon, VICFountain TrackMaldonVIC-36.9980682,144.0562708
Blowhole Track, Melbourne, VICBlowhole TrackMelbourneVIC-38.4814589,144.9898839
Lacey View, Melbourne, VICLacey ViewMelbourneVIC-38.4834134,145.028923553235
Rifle Range Road, Melbourne, VICRifle Range RoadMelbourneVIC-37.9321971,144.7377697
South Gippsland Highway, Melbourne, VICSouth Gippsland HighwayMelbourneVIC-38.2131084,145.4588945
Midland Highway, Meredith, VICMidland HighwayMeredithVIC-37.881452,144.078262
Midland Highway, Meredith, VICMidland HighwayMeredithVIC-37.857576,144.075484
Point Lonsdale Road, Point Lonsdale, VICPoint Lonsdale RoadPoint LonsdaleVIC-38.290612,144.613267
Gipps Street, Port Fairy, VICGipps StreetPort FairyVIC-38.389975,142.242458
Point Danger Access Road, Portland, VICPoint Danger Access RoadPortlandVIC-38.392365,141.6484848
Cape Nelson Road, Portland West, VICCape Nelson RoadPortland WestVIC-38.430227,141.543123
Pier Millan-Chinkapook Road, Rural City of Swan Hill, VICPier Millan-Chinkapook RoadRural City of Swan HillVIC-35.2202701666666,142.865552716666
George Bass Coastal Walk, San Remo, VICGeorge Bass Coastal WalkSan RemoVIC-38.535747,145.423343
Potters Hill Road, San Remo, VICPotters Hill RoadSan RemoVIC-38.5278074,145.3896643
Mitchells Road, Shire of Buloke, VICMitchells RoadShire of BulokeVIC-35.5835056,142.7219299
Gables Lookout, Shire of Corangamite, VICGables LookoutShire of CorangamiteVIC-38.7592137,143.2204986
Great Ocean Walk, Shire of Corangamite, VICGreat Ocean WalkShire of CorangamiteVIC-38.6684492,143.1122105
Great Ocean Road, Shire of Corangamite, VICGreat Ocean RoadShire of CorangamiteVIC-38.6642772,143.1038033
Great Ocean Road, Shire of Corangamite, VICGreat Ocean RoadShire of CorangamiteVIC-38.6660308,143.1042001
Blowholes Road, Shire of Glenelg, VICBlowholes RoadShire of GlenelgVIC-38.3795071,141.369581
Great South West Walk, Shire of Glenelg, VICGreat South West WalkShire of GlenelgVIC-38.35966055,141.443940220309
Norman Point Track, Shire of South Gippsland, VICNorman Point TrackShire of South GippslandVIC-39.0519621,146.3194665
Smiths Beach Road, Smiths Beach, VICSmiths Beach RoadSmiths BeachVIC-38.503409,145.257301
Sandy Road, St Andrews Beach, VICSandy RoadSt Andrews BeachVIC-38.414789,144.824298
Ogradys Ridge Road, Stony Creek, VICOgradys Ridge RoadStony CreekVIC-38.621239,146.169277
The Esplanade, Surf Beach, VICThe EsplanadeSurf BeachVIC-38.5110279,145.2908327
The Esplanade, Surf Beach, VICThe EsplanadeSurf BeachVIC-38.50805,145.277124
Surf Coast Walk, Surf Coast Shire, VICSurf Coast WalkSurf Coast ShireVIC-38.3713673,144.2791444
Surf Drive, Venus Bay, VICSurf DriveVenus BayVIC-38.705082,145.813579
Cape Liptrap Road, Walkerville, VICCape Liptrap RoadWalkervilleVIC-38.904355,145.922123
Lexton-talbot Road, Waubra, VICLexton-talbot RoadWaubraVIC-37.252496,143.576454
Cunninghams Road, Werribee South, VICCunninghams RoadWerribee SouthVIC-37.949857,144.725432
Crawfords Road, Werribee South, VICCrawfords RoadWerribee SouthVIC-37.950519,144.719765
Duncans Road, Werribee South, VICDuncans RoadWerribee SouthVIC-37.969643,144.703998
Powers Lookout Road, Whitfield, VICPowers Lookout RoadWhitfieldVIC-36.845291,146.368908
Sunnyside Road, Wye River, VICSunnyside RoadWye RiverVIC-38.622475,143.739356



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