The Berwick Show is an agricultural and horticultural show held in the suburb of Berwick,  within the South East Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Each year the show attracts a range of visitors to see the various exhibits and events and of course the rides. This year I attended the show and enjoyed having a look around at the various stalls, sampling the food (loved the dutch pancakes) and watching the events. Some of the events I saw included whip cracking, horse shows and a newer event; the Australian Mountain Boarders Group.

This was the first time I had seen the Australian Mountain Boarders Group,  let  alone mountain boarding (I am not very sport orientated) however I was very impressed with the skills they demonstrated in terms of the various tricks that were performed, including  giving a High-5 with the mountain board through to full flips. Regardless of the trick they were all very impressive!

In terms of how I captured the images, I used the Nikon D5300 DSLR, and my Kit 55-300mm Lens. I went as wide as I could to increase the light and therefore the shutter speed to try and ‘freeze' the motion since the mountain boarders were moving fairly fast, but the lens was the limiting factor (i think around f4 – f5). Shutter speed was about 1/1000 or faster, and I had to bump the ISO up a little bit to allow the specific combination. Another important part was focusing, if you look at the photos you can see I missed focus just a tad, this was in part because I was trying to auto-focus and do burst mode shots (e.g. 4 shots in 1 second), you would do better to manually focus on where you predict the rider is going to enter the frame rather than using auto-focus.

Finally, as if often said consider the composition, I didn't have the ability to get a good shot without the tree in the background, but ideally if I did have the change the photo would have been far better without that background distraction!


Photos included below:

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