The House Sparrow or Passer domesticus
19 September 2015
I visited Lakeside Pakenham today on my way back from Whooping Cough Injections and came across these guys; The House Sparrow or Passer domesticus. The First image which blurs out the second bird a bit too much was my favorite as if a bit of a ‘challenge' as to who can get the bread first. Images […]
My Microscopy Setup
Update: Would you believe my camera USB port broke, so I am in the process of changing the camera for my microscopy setup. If you are looking into setting up your own set-up, you may do better with a Canon camera which has EFSC. This reduces vibration significantly, once I have my new system up […]
E. maximus (Elephas) or the Asian Elephant
18 September 2015
The Elephant is one of the most majestic creatures around, so much so that in times gone by the elephant was considered to be a carrier of kings due to its status. Further the elephant is also said to have a remarkable memory, partly due to its ability to survive in the wild. There is something […]