Body AI examples within Luminar AI

Body AI examples within Luminar AI

Skylum has recently announced their upcoming LuminarAI package which has a range of exciting AI based features; In this post I wanted to discuss one of the interesting features called Body AI and Face AI. LuminarAI (which is expected to be released this holiday season) is not an evolution but a new direction for Skylum's photo editor package. It takes the approach that Luminar is not designed to be a Lightroom alternative, but rather a tool to help Visual Communicators get the best out of their photos by using AI to handle the repetitive, complex and time consuming tasks (e.g. masking) whilst allowing photographers to continue to have access to more advanced tools to realize their creative visions. Photographers can then spend more time behind the camera, and communicating rather than being stuck behind the computer.

Whilst the presence of AI is exciting, I do know that for many it is seen as giving up control or leading to a homogenization of images but I don't believe that to be the case. LuminarAI is not designed to be a no-controls photo editor, and at the end of the day the photographer can decide which changes they do or don't want to make to their images, they retain full control. That said, I know with many tasks (e.g. selecting sharpening) I am more than happy to utilize AI to help speed up the process, and I can decide how much (or how little) I want to apply.

Some of the new features reported within Luminar AI relate specifically to portraits, these include Body and Face AI. In the case of these tools that AI is reported to be doing two different things;

  1. Identifying and Masking the Body / Face within the image, and
  2. Gently sculpting and refining the portrait

As I am not much of a portrait photographer, I must admit I have not done a-lot of work on manipulating portraits (beyond simple smoothing skin), but I think this tool has the ability to make life much easier for portrait photographers. Like any tool I suspect there is the potential that it can be misused to make terrible portraits, but the benefit of AI is that you can adjust the intensity of the changes recommended until you reach a point you are happy.

As the software is not yet available, I reached out to Skylum to provide some example photos which are provided below;

Figure 1 (left) & Figure 2 (right); The before and after changes using Body AI on the example image which was taken by Sergey Kovbasyuk. I have asked if examples can be provided of Men which I will post if/once I receive them.

The change is fairly significant in this photo, ethics aside you can see that it has slimmed down the taste and stomach on the right image when compared to the left image. For portrait photographers who have a need to do this, and don't want to spend so much time masking and retouching I can see the convenience value based on this examples.

For those who are interested, pre-order links are below;

LuminarAI starts at just US$64 (1 seat) with the loyalty discount for Luminar or Aurora HDR customers.
For new customers, LuminarAI starts at just US$74 (1 seat).
All preorders include access to the LuminarAI Insiders community. Discover all the latest news about LuminarAI, features and other exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else. To pre-order the package, you can use the link here.