This is part two (2) of my Butterfly images, I spent a significant amount of time in this enclosure so wanted to share more images with you. These needed a fairly high shutter speed to try and “Freeze” the motion. I did fail in this a number of times where you can see blur due to the motion of the butterfly.

One thing to be aware of is the high humidity in these environments which is somewhat unliked by the camera and lens. So make sure that there is no condensation within the lenses, and remove any excess moisture. It is recommended to allow the camera and lens to equilibrate to the conditions before use.

Equipment Used:

As with all of my images, I use Nikon gear. This is not because I think Nikon is better than Canon but just because it is what I got started with and wanted to maintain lens compatibility. The images were captured / edited with the following gear;

Images (Click to enlarge):

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