We have two cats (Newton & Curie) and are lovers of animals, as such during a recent vacation weekend in Melbourne we decided to visit a Cat Café called “Cat Café Melbourne” in Guildford Lane, Melbourne Australia. This café requires bookings (https://catcafemelbourne.com/tickets/) where you can book for one to multiple hours and based on your package food and drink may be provided (but either way can also be purchased separately), you can also purchase cat treats as part of the package or separately as well.

It is worth nothing that this is not a traditional café (which makes sense given the cats) so do note they offer a fairly limited selection of snacks and hot/cold drinks, but the café is really far more about the cats than it is about the food. The café spans two floors, with a set of stairs running up to the top floor, a little office and shop on the bottom floor, and a back area where you can sit on some couches with the cats as well. There is also a small internal set of steps for the cats to be able to move from the upstairs area to the downstairs area as they wish.

When we were there it was an interesting experience, the cats all seemed fairly nice and whilst they didn't seem underfed they were definitely food motivated, the quickest way to be visited by cats was to have some of the cat treats and before you knew it there would be one or more cats on your lap and swarming around you hoping for a snack., they then often wandered off for awhile and looped back later on to see if there were any more snacks.

It was an interesting experience, and for those who enjoy cats I suspect they may enjoy this as well. I took a heap of photos during the visit but I have narrowed the snapshot photos attached to this post down to avoid getting other people in the photos who may not want to appear.


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