8 September 2023

Topaz Photo AI 2 – Update & Sale

Topaz Labs, the creators of Topaz Photo AI, Topaz DeNoise AI, Topaz Sharpen AI, and a range of other photographic software utilities, have announced...

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9 July 2023

Viral replication strategies: lytic and lysogenic cycles

Learn about the fascinating and complex world of viruses and their impact on human health and the environment. In this article, we explore the...

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5 June 2023

Topaz Photo AI V1.3.7

Topaz Labs, the creators of the AI range of software such as Topaz Sharpen AI, Topaz DeNoise AI and Topaz Photo AI have released...

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a photo of a clouds formation in the sky
19 April 2023

ISO – Mastering Sensitivity to Light and Achieving Optimal Exposure

Throughout this series, we have explored the fundamentals of light, the Camera Obscura, image formation, shutter speed, and aperture. Now, let's dive into ISO,...

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close up photo of camera shutter
16 April 2023

Aperture – The Eye of Your Camera and its Impact on Exposure and Depth of Field

In our journey through the world of photography, we've covered the fundamentals of light, the Camera Obscura, image formation, and shutter speed. Now it's...

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