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Melbourne Earthquake – 22/09/21

Earthquakes are a fairly rare occurrence in Melbourne, Australia but we had one this morning (22/09/21). Details are still being sourced but preliminary information is available at https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/event/ga2021sqogij Initial reports suggest between a 4 – 6 magnitude earthquake which is fairly unusual. Some minor building damage within the City but for the most part it looks like very little damage. What an eventful day, we have mass protests and an earthquake so does feel like a sign lol. From what […]

Luminar Neo – New Features Announcement

Skylum; the creators of Luminar AI and Aurora HDR have announced a range of new features within their upcoming Luminar Neo release which is planned for release sometime Winter 2021. In this post I take a look at some of these new announcements and provide some example images (where provided). Note this is not specifically a post about the differences between Luminar AI and Luminar Neo but if you are interested in that you can click here.   Layers Layers […]

Dad jokes – Food

I love a good dad joke (read: joke that make you groan / roll your eyes), with that in mind I have been started to collect some of my favorite on my website. This most focuses on dad jokes that have a food theme, enjoy! What did the banana say to its sick friend? “How are you peeling?” When should you take a cookie to the doctor? When it feels crummy. What’s a chicken’s least favorite day of the week? […]