14 September 2023

Camera Triggers: From Simple to Advanced

In the world of photography, technology and cameras have joined forces to make our lives as photographers more exciting and straightforward. One fascinating area...

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10 August 2023

Real World Applications for Smart Triggers in Photography.

Hey there! I’m super excited to talk to you about something that combines two of my passions: photography and cool tech stuff. I love...

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5 August 2023

Topaz Photo AI V1.5

Topaz Labs, the creators of a range of AI photography tools have just announced the release of Topaz Photo AI v1.5 To celebrate, Topaz...

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16 May 2023

Unlocking Your Photography Potential with Smart Camera Triggers

As a passionate blogger, photographer, and scientist, I am always eager to share my knowledge and experiences with the broader community. In this article,...

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22 September 2022

Sony Crop Sensor vs Full Frame with Teleconverter and Sony 200-600mm

I have a love for photographing the natural world, and of late I have been photographing this using the Sony A7R 4 and a...

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