9 September 2022

Excire Search 2022

Excire, the company behind Excire Search and Excire Foto – two AI-powered photograph organisation tools have announced the launch of their Search 2022 product....

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28 August 2022

Skylum Luminar Neo Extensions

Skylum, the creators of Luminar AI and Luminar Neo (amongst others) have announced the names of the next two extensions for Luminar Neo. For...

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17 August 2022

Noiseless AI

Skylum, the creators of Luminar Neo have announced the upcoming release of a new extension for Luminar Neo referred to as Noiseless AI. As...

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close up photo of white mushrooms
15 August 2022

What are Fungi

As I work in microbiology I am often asked questions about the microbial world, as well as what specific types of things actually are,...

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9 August 2022

Lightscape 2022

My wife and I decided to live a little and attend an exhibition in the city (we don't get out very often) called Lightscape,...

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