5 August 2023

Topaz Photo AI V1.5

Topaz Labs, the creators of a range of AI photography tools have just announced the release of Topaz Photo AI v1.5 To celebrate, Topaz...

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yellow mold on tree trunk
5 August 2023

Mold Marvels: Delving into the Enigmatic World of Slime Molds

Get ready to enter the fascinating realm of slime molds - the mysterious, enigmatic and downright quirky organisms that are taking the world by...

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Free scientific microscope image
2 August 2023

Tiny Wonders: A Joyful Introduction to the Microscopic World!

Get ready to shrink down to the size of a speck of dust and discover a whole new world of microscopic marvels! From buzzing...

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vegetables on the soil
30 July 2023

Tiny Heroes of the Earth: Microbes and the Magic of Composting!

Have you ever wondered how your food scraps turn into rich soil? Look no further than the tiny heroes of the earth - microbes!...

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cutout paper illustration of person with bacilli in body
27 July 2023

Tiny Heroes: Microbes and Immunity

Meet the tiny heroes that keep us healthy every day! These microbes work hard to fight off harmful invaders, and our immune system helps...

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