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Category : Photography

Topaz Sharpen AI Run-Through (V2.1.3)

Topaz Labs have a range of AI utilities for photo editing, in this video I take a look at Topaz Sharpen AI, how it works and what it does.   ——- Discount ——- Topaz has kindly provided a discount code for my viewers if you use the Topaz links below, and when purchasing use the discount code: TRAVISHALE20 you can get up to 20% discount on your purchase.   ——- Links ——- Topaz Sharpen AI: https://trav.to/k67yc AI Bundle: http://trav.to/qm1z6 Radeon […]

DeNoise AI V2.3 Update

Topaz Labs have released their latest update to Topaz Denoise AI (V2.3), this update includes the below main features; A new comparison view to compare results from the three models GPU optimization for NVIDIA cards for a lighting-fast speed boost Improved AI models including a model with no added sharpening In addition, Topaz Labs also report the following changes: Changed the interface for the initial open images screen Changed right panel so that it disables instead of hides itself on […]

Topaz Gigapixel AI Run-Through (V5.1.0)

Topaz’s Gigapixel AI is another artificial intelligence and machine learning tool that is designed to enhance the resolution of your image by analyzing and understanding the image to enlarge whilst minimizing noise and artifacts. Have a look at an example image of a flower taken at the flower dome in Singapore, and how the software can increase the resolution of an image.     ——- Discount ——- Topaz has kindly provided a discount code for my viewers if you use […]