Bee’s at the Upper Beaconsfield Open Gardens.

Bee’s at the Upper Beaconsfield Open Gardens.
I visited an open garden event on Sunday 13th of September which was fundraising for the Upper Beaconsfield Fire Brigade, another brigade of the Country Fire Authority. The event was well attended when I was there just before midday. I will process and hopefully post some more landscapes during the next few weeks but below […]
Anabaena or Filamentous Cyanobacteria
I am passionate about many things, and Microbiology is most definitely one of them. There is something fascinating about the world that exists right in front of us, but we are not quite able to see. Me being a passionate Nerd / Geek (not a bad thing) I actually have a microscope at home, and […]
Flower Spider (Diaea evanida)
I went through my parents garden today looking for some flowers or something to photograph, and by coincidence this Flower Spider i think (Diaea evanida) was well camouflaged within the flowers and leaves, having shown itself I decided to instead get photos of the spider, who I must say was not at all afraid of […]