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Category : Photography

Yet Another Jumping Spider

Those who know me know that I have a love hate relationship with spiders, I love some of them (e.g., Jumping Spiders) yet hate others (e.g., Wolf / Trap Door Spiders). Nonetheless, I have a view that I can’t allow one to hang around and not another (I am spider non-discriminatory) so I tend to let most of them hang around in the backyard. The jumping spider is one of my favorite types of spiders, there is something about this […]

a whale jumping out of the water

Sea All Dolphin Tours

For a work Christmas Function, we went on a dolphin/sea cruise with Sea All Dolphin Tours. This tour was some time ago and I had posted some photos on my site and social media however I wanted to consolidate my thoughts so felt it would be best to do a peice on the experience. Please note this was some time ago, so experiences may vary today. We started off catching a ferry from Docklands, Melbourne before we made our way […]

Luminar AI Update 4 & Portrait Bokeh AI

Skylum: the creators of Aurora HDR and Luminar AI have announced the latest update to the Luminar AI package which is coming soon! – This update known as Update 4 brings a number of changes to the Luminar AI tool. One of the most significant updates is the long-anticipated Portrait Bokeh AI for portraits. This uses machine learning and AI to give you the ability to create a simulated Bokeh effect in your portrait images which in my opinion is […]