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Category : Photography

Panorama of the Summit of Mount Donna Buang

During a recent visit to Warburton for an Open Gardens I decided to make a trip to the top of Mount Donna Buang, a mountain approximately 80 km’s from Melbourne, and an elevation of 1250 metres. Over winter the mountain is usually covered in snow however during summer it is far easier to reach the summit, where there is a tower at the top providing panoramic views across the Dandenong’s and the Yarra Valley. Whilst I was up there I […]

Cool things under the microscope: Epsom Salt

I love microscopy, I think there are so many cool things around in everyday life that seem fairly simple at first glance but when you get the opportunity to look at them in greater detail they just look so different to what you would typically expect. Since I have now set up, I wanted to give myself a challenge to image different everyday objects under the microscope and see what they look like. Today’s item was fairly simple Epsom Salt […]

Tetragnathidae or Tetragnatha demissa (Juvenile long jawed spider?)

Truth be told I am actually not a huge spider fan, and I know this blog and my various photo collections would make people think otherwise but I really just take photos of spiders because in certain parts outside they are somewhat in excess. Having said that some of the spiders when you see them up so close are actually quite interesting, and vary so much in terms of their size, shape, and even character to a certain extent. I […]