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Category : Photography

Topaz Sharpen AI V2.1

Topaz Labs have been busy working on updates to their Sharpen AI package and have released Topaz Sharpen V2.1. There are a number of bug fixes but the two major changes to this release; An auto detect masking tool which can detect 20 different types of subjects (E.g . people) and automatically mask these items (to find go into the masking brush, and click on find objects). An auto detect mode which will allow Sharpen AI to select the best […]

360 Image Processing Workflow – QooCam 8K

I recently started using the QooCam 8K – 360 camera (review to follow in the next few weeks) and it took me awhile to work out what the best workflow was (at least for me) to process my 360 images. In order to hopefully help some users, I thought I would share my specific workflow. Disclaimer: This is the workflow that works best for me, your mileage may vary and it may not suit all use cases however, in my […]

Topaz DeNoise AI (V2.2.1)

Topaz Labs have recently released a major update to the Topaz DeNoise AI package (V2.2.1) and to celebrate are having a sale. For current owners of the package, no purchase is required and the update can be downloaded at no cost. For those who wish to purchase DeNoise AI, from Thursday May 28th 2020 through to Friday June 12th 2020 the package is on sale for $59.99 USD instead of the regular $79.99 USD. If you use the links in […]