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Category : Photography

Luminar AI: Face AI

Skylum are currently (as at 11/11/20) offering Luminar AI for pre-orders, as an affiliate I have been lucky enough to get a BETA copy of the software which provides me with a unique opportunity to try out some of the interesting new features and see how they perform on images I have selected rather than specific marketing information. In this post I wanted to show an example of Iris AI which is part of Face AI, I do need to […]

Luminar AI; Atmosphere AI Examples

As an affiliate of the Skylum, I have been given early access to the BETA of the Luminar AI package which is due to be released sometime this holiday season. This has allowed me to have a look at some of the new features and see how they function given my own images rather than specific marketing images which have been pre-selected by the Skylum team. I do have to note though that as the software is BETA, the interface […]

Pluto Trigger vs Arsenal AI

I have both the Pluto trigger and the Arsenal AI and have seen people asking questions about the differences between the devices. I have seen some people also suggest that these devices do the same things and can therefore be interchanged and in reality that is not the case. With that in mind I wanted to write a quick post about the two devices, what they do and how they differ.   Pluto Trigger; Smart Trigger I will start off […]