23 October 2022

Weird viruses – Bacteriophage

What if I told you that there was a virus that kills trillions every year and I suspect you have never heard of it,...

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microscopic shot of a virus
20 October 2022

What are Viruses

SARS-CoV-2 has put a lot of focus on Viruses, but often people are not actually fully aware of what they actually are, so in...

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10 to 1 bugs win in NASA study_one_year Mission Video Miniseries Highlights Microbes
6 August 2022

The importance of Microbes

I have a background in microbiology through both education and career, as such I am nearly consistently asked questions about microbes and their relative...

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1 August 2022

Film Photography – Documentary

Film photography is really making a resurgence at the moment, with many people being drawn to it because photographs taken on film have a...

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pink sphere splashed by green liquid
18 July 2022

What are Bacteria

I have a background in microbiology so love to share information about the microbial world and some of the many types of organisms that...

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