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Category : business software

Junctions and Links

I have a need to create links between directories on a regular basis (e.g. to link between external drives and sync services like OneDrive / Dropbox). As I found this a fairly useful feature I thought I would quickly write up how I use this feature and the structure of the commands. Prior to going any further, the following information relates to Windows 10 and the NTFS file system. There are three file links which are supported in NTFS which […]

Topaz Denoise AI (with Batch Processing).

Topaz Labs are in the process of working on an exciting new update to Topaz Denoise AI which will allow the software to batch process images and provide more Noise tools to work on Chroma Noise. I will be expecting to do a video on this shortly and put it up on my YouTube channel. In the meanwhile, Topaz Labs are having a discount sale which runs from Friday Jan 24 to Friday Feb 7th 2020. You can access this […]

Topaz AI Bundles

Topaz Labs LLC produce a range of AI powered photography utilities. These vary from removing noise (through the DeNoise AI software) to enlarging images (through the Gigapixel AI software) Whilst this software is available separately, Topaz have created some logical bundles which include the Utility Bundle (containing Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, JPEGtoRAW AI and Gigapixel AI) as well as the Creator Bundle (containing Mask AI, Studio 2, and Adjust AI) As always, Topaz has provided me with a discount code […]