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Category : energy

Household Solar

I live in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne in a town called Officer, Victoria, Australia. As part of our state governments commitment to renewable energy they have been running a program to assist house-owners to install rooftop solar within their homes. We participated in this rebate offer recently, and had a 5kW system installed on our roof. The system is fairly basis and consists of around 20 or so panels installed on the North and West roof face (we […]

Indoor Environmental Quality

I work for a company called CETEC who work in the Built Environment and do a lot of work around how people can improve their Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) to obtain the maximium amount of labour productivity within service related industries. This is an area where there is little knowledge over the importance of IEQ, and over the next few months I will be doing some posts to highlight what contributes towards IEQ and subsequently occupant productivity. These posts are not […]

Sulfur by Polarized Light Microscopy

Sulfur is an abundant element found in all living cells, what does it look like under the microscope?