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Category : birds

Bushfires & Animal Deaths

Sadly from 2019 (mid to end) into 2020 Australia has been the midst of a Bushfire Crisis, with a significant amount of land which has been burnt by fire. Estimates have placed the size of the fire at around 10 million hectares (or 15.6 million acres) as of around Mid January 2020. These fires have also claimed the lives of up to 28 people including four firefighters. The fires have primarily been spread across New South Wales, Victoria and South […]

MIOPS Mobile Motion Trigger

I conducted a review of the MIOPS Mobile – Motion Trigger Mode, whilst the mode worked well with high contrast subjects, where low contrast subjects existed the mode sometimes struggled, read my full review on my website.

The Inquisitive Cockatoo

Looks like i was spotted by the Sulfur crested Cockatoo.