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Category : zoo

P. abelii (Pongo) or the Sumatran Orang-utan

If ever I had a favorite group of animals, beyond the Meerkats it would be the Orangutan. They are so similar to us in behaviour that it is at times eerie. A trip to the Melbourne Zoo showed me this character who was at home with his blanket, sitting in the centre of the enclosure enjoying the warmth (it was a cold day) and I did like the look of the blanket as well. It does not take a huge […]


Butterflies are an insect that I have always wanted to try and get some photos of at home, however they are not typically in abundance in the sort of urban area I live in. A trip to the Butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo gave a good opportunity to have a practice of taking photo’s of the butterflies, with mixed results. As you can see below in some the focus worked well, whilst others I missed the focus which was […]

E. maximus (Elephas) or the Asian Elephant

The Elephant is one of the most majestic creatures around, so much so that in┬átimes gone by the elephant was considered to be a carrier of kings due to its status. Further the elephant is also said to have a remarkable memory, partly due to its ability to survive in the wild. There is something quite remarkable about the elephant, whether it is the eye, or the composure of otherwise they are a creature I just enjoy watching. At my […]