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Category : zoo

Pelecanidae the Pelican (From Melbourne Zoo)

The Pelican is a common sight around water, and as such I think often they are treated a bit unfairly compared to Elephants and other creatures. They do seem to survive well so that is an added bonus, plus they look unusual with the large bill and the yellow coloring around the eye. This guy is from the family Pelecanidae, the Genus Pelecanus and is species¬†P. conspicillatus This guy was seen at the water exhibit of the Melbourne Zoo, again […]

G. gorilla or The Western Lowland Gorilla

The Gorilla is an animal that inspires respect, whether it is the sheer size, their strength of their behaviour I am not sure but a recent trip the the Melbourne Zoo in August was no exception. The Silverback Gorilla’s had recently had a baby and as such the main viewing area was restricted but there were still points where one could see the Gorilla from afar. I brought my Nikon D5300 camera, and my Tamron 150-600mm lense with me, and […]

Mandrillus sphinx or The Mandrill

¬† Developing photographic techniques can be difficult, and there are often few places at home that give a good opportunity to master techniques. A trip to the Melbourne Zoo gave some inspiration, and I came across the Mandrill. This colorful creature almost enjoyed showing off (in my opinion) and alternated between turning towards me and away from me whilst I was trying to take its photograph. I did manage to get a few shots which highlight the magnificent colours of […]