21 June 2022

Favourite Poems – If

I read far less than I should (in reality) with the exception of things like scientific papers, discussions in emails and Twitter, and research...

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16 June 2022

The incredible tricks Legionella can play.

I have a background in microbiology through both education and my work, and as a result of this I am often looking at microbes...

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12 June 2022

Weird Environments in Which Microbes can Survive

I am biased, but I am fascinated by the microbial world and some of the more unusual environments that some microbes can survive in,...

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Fork in an access road from Grovesend
6 June 2022

Favourite Poems – The Road Not Taken.

Whilst I would not call myself a scholar, and my English is not fantastic there are a range of poems that I love and...

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7 April 2022

Top 10 Photography Blogs to Folow

Photography is one of many professions, hobbies, or passions that in my mind require constant learning to develop your skills and hone the craft....

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