12 February 2024

Noise Reduction Example

In photography, capturing a variety of subjects like animals, landscapes, and even astrophotography can be a fantastic goal. However, there's a common challenge when...

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14 September 2023

Camera Triggers: From Simple to Advanced

In the world of photography, technology and cameras have joined forces to make our lives as photographers more exciting and straightforward. One fascinating area...

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31 August 2023

Filter & Unique in Excel Formula’s

In my line of work as a scientist, I often find myself working with various sets of data. This data could range from monitoring...

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10 August 2023

Real World Applications for Smart Triggers in Photography.

Hey there! I’m super excited to talk to you about something that combines two of my passions: photography and cool tech stuff. I love...

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9 September 2022

Excire Search 2022

Excire, the company behind Excire Search and Excire Foto – two AI-powered photograph organisation tools have announced the launch of their Search 2022 product....

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