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South Island – New Zealand

I visited New Zealand for a work trip some time ago and stayed on for a bit of annual leave. When my work trip ended my Dad flew in and we then spent about 5 or so days traveling around the South Island of New Zealand as a boy’s week. This post is just a bit of a reminder (of older individual posts) and is sharing some photos from the trip from that time. Where I can I have included […]

New Zealand – South Island

I had the pleasure of visiting New Zealand in 2017 for work and then subsequently stayed on for a boys trip across the South Island with my Dad. The trip started off in Queenstown for work before I met up with my Dad and we took a Fly – Cruise – Fly trip to Milford Sound with Air Milford. The next day we drove up to Wanaka and stopped for the night, following that we made our way up to […]

Luminar AI Assistance

Skylum has recently announced their upcoming LuminarAI package which has a range of exciting AI based features. One of these features is known as Templates which are packaged workflows that are designed by some of the best photographers and photo retouchers. These templates are designed to identify issues that might exist in a photo and apply a group of enhancements which are designed to resolve those issues and lead to a better image. Templates are especially valuable for beginners, as […]