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19 October 2023

Photography: Capturing the Aurora

Photographing the aurora, also known as the northern or southern lights, is a challenging but rewarding endeavor for photographers. The aurora is a natural...

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11 October 2023

Tiny Wonders: The Magic of Microphotography!

Have you ever wanted to explore the microscopic world around us? Microphotography allows us to capture the intricate details of tiny wonders and bring...

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3 October 2023

MIOPS Smart Alternatives

I am passionate about photography and more broadly IT / technology, I love the interface between technology and photography and how a range of...

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28 September 2023

Pluto Trigger Alternatives

Most websites provide statistics on what the most common search terms are that people use to find your pages, and this site is no...

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18 September 2023

Photo AI 2 – Balance Colour

When photographing wildlife, it is fairly rare to not need to do some post processing on the images, this can be simple things like...

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