Like many others during this pandemic, I have been working from home in my study to minimize the potential of spreading the SARS-COV-2 virus. This has meant that I have been using my home monitors which I share between my work laptop and my home desktop. This works well, but there is a level of […]
I do a little bit of tutorial work on the computer and have been slowly working on my sound quality. I started off with a very simple microphone and eventually worked up to a Blue Yeti. Once I had the Blue Yeti, I wanted to improve the sound quality using some equalisation so installed VoiceMeter […]
I recently purchased the QooCam 8K, a 360 camera from KandaoVR. The camera is unusual in that it has a higher resolution than many other cameras but it also supports audio and video as well as live streaming (albeit at a lower resolution). It was primarily the image side of things that drew me to […]