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ON1 360°

ON1 have been busy of late working on a range of new additions to their Photography software packages. As such I would recommend you consider subscribing to our newsletter and/or youtube channel to keep up to date with the latest releases, run-through’s and tutorials. The latest release by ON1 is their ON1 360° (al) service which is anticipated to be available late June 2020. This is a new cloud storage service and sync technology which is designed to allow photographers […]

Topaz Mask AI (1.2.1)

Topaz Labs have released an update to the Topaz Mask AI package, this is available as a free update to current Mask AI owners or during the period of Thursday, April 23 2020. through to Monday, May 4th 2020 it will be on sale for $79.99 USD (usually $99.99 USD). If you use the discount-code TRAVISHALE20 you may also get a further discount on the package. The update brings a number of major and minor features which include; New Installer […]

Topaz Studio 2; Stylistic Filters & Adjustments

This is an extension to my previous Topaz Studio 2 post outlining some of the various Creative filters which exist within Topaz Studio 2. To make life a bit easier for myself, and hopefully for others I have summarized the filters below. These are the Filters (also known as Adjustments in the Topaz Studio 1 package) which are within the Stylistic category. If you are interested in Topaz Studio 2, you can download a trial through the affiliate link here. […]