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Category : technology and computing

MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit

MIOPS are the creators of a range of smart triggers and photography devices. Whilst they are most known for the MIOPS Smart, they also produce a range of other devices to expand your photography using high speed triggers. One such trigger is the MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit which is a stand-alone (but smartphone controlled) water drop kit. Water droplet photography is an interesting type of photography, it captures the incredible art and structures that can occur when droplets […]

The Differences between Luminar 4 and Luminar AI

Skylum have recently released Luminar AI and one of the things that has come up a bit is what is the difference between the new Luminar AI and Luminar 4. I have seen many posts which suggest that Luminar AI is just an update to Luminar 4 however, based on information from Skylum that is not the case. Whilst it is true that many of the tools that exist in Luminar AI also exist in Luminar 4 there has been […]


MIOPS produce a range of smart camera triggers and motion accessories. I have discussed many of these in the past but one of the more exciting announcements is for the MIOPS Flex which was successfully funded on KickStarter in January 2021. The campaign aimed to raise $50,000 and achieved an incredible $536,890 from a total of 2,225 backers (as of 8/1/2020). In this post I wanted to discuss the device and the various features I am excited about, it should […]