10 August 2023

Real World Applications for Smart Triggers in Photography.

Hey there! I’m super excited to talk to you about something that combines two of my passions: photography and cool tech stuff. I love...

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22 April 2022

Topaz Image Quality Bundle — Sale

Topaz Labs, the creators of DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and a range of photographic utilities have announced their image quality bundle sale. From the...

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16 April 2022

Camera Pan & Tilt Motors (NT-Head)

Panorama images can be incredible images that help to immerse someone in the scene, but often these images consist of multiple images which are...

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15 April 2022

Pine II (Black Forest Motion)

I have a passion for the interface between technology and photography, with that in mind I am often having a look at some of...

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3 April 2022

Arduino & Thingspeak

As I work within the science realm, I often have a need to monitor environmental conditions. Whilst some of this is conducted on-site, there...

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