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Category : consumer electronics

Adobe Lightroom & the Sony A7R IV

I recently moved into the Sony mirrorless ecosystem, and with that change came much larger resolution images (and accordingly larger filesizes). Whilst previously I had used an older version of Lightroom (LR6) for my cataloguing, since the Sony A7R IV is not supported (as the software is too old), I needed to look to alternatives for tools which would allow me to catalogue and edit my images. I have always been somewhat loathed to use the Adobe CC suite (e.g. […]

Drone PhotoSpheres Workflow

I recently started playing with the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, whilst there are a heap of different uses for this drone in this post I am focusing on using the drone to create high resolution 360 degree panoramas. Under typical operation the drone will create and stitch a 360 * 180 photosphere however, for a number of reasons the resolution is not as great as it could be so this workflow makes a few tweaks to the setting to […]

MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit

MIOPS are the creators of a range of smart triggers and photography devices. Whilst they are most known for the MIOPS Smart, they also produce a range of other devices to expand your photography using high speed triggers. One such trigger is the MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit which is a stand-alone (but smartphone controlled) water drop kit. Water droplet photography is an interesting type of photography, it captures the incredible art and structures that can occur when droplets […]