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Category : consumer electronics


Snake – Melbourne Zoo

I was never a fan of snakes, but do have some level of appreciation for them; that is, I appreciate them being behind the glass :). This snake was within the Reptile Enclosure enjoying a bask.


Frog – Melbourne Zoo

The frog is a marker of the health of an ecosystem, also known as a bioindicator. This is because of their permable skin which easily absorbs chemicals and also their habitat including both terresterial and aquatic environments.

Pluto Wireless Trigger Laser Demo – Youtube Video

The following appeared on the Travis Hale – Science and Photography YouTube Channel and has automatically been posted on TravisHale.com. A demo of the Pluto Wireless Trigger, being used in Break beam (Laser) mode. Apologies for the poor video quality, just wanted to do a quick demo, but as I do more video’s I am sure I will improve. As always, more information is on my website at www.travishale.com The video can also be viewed at: https://youtu.be/UlONvzbxORY This page may […]