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Category : hardware

ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub

I backed the ADG 100W GaN hub and charger some time ago, to be honest I had become so disillusioned with the supplier that I had started to contact them to as them to cancel my order and issue a refund (as it was wildly overdue). My support experience had not been great as I never received a response from them when I tried to contact them multiple times, and shortly after the item arrived. If they had of given […]

Sony A7R IV

I recently (last six months or so) started to think about moving away from the Nikon Ecosystem. My first camera was a Nikon D5300 and I subsequently moved to a Nikon D610 and built up a range of Nikon and third party lenses. Whilst it was a painful decision I have been fairly disenfranchised by the direction Nikon has been taking and in 2021 decided to move to a different manufacturer. My initial plan (prior to deciding to switch) was […]

MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit

MIOPS are the creators of a range of smart triggers and photography devices. Whilst they are most known for the MIOPS Smart, they also produce a range of other devices to expand your photography using high speed triggers. One such trigger is the MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit which is a stand-alone (but smartphone controlled) water drop kit. Water droplet photography is an interesting type of photography, it captures the incredible art and structures that can occur when droplets […]