16 April 2022

Camera Pan & Tilt Motors (NT-Head)

Panorama images can be incredible images that help to immerse someone in the scene, but often these images consist of multiple images which are...

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3 April 2022

Arduino & Thingspeak

As I work within the science realm, I often have a need to monitor environmental conditions. Whilst some of this is conducted on-site, there...

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3 December 2021

Gadge Hub

I have backed a number of different items on Kickstarter to varying success, in this post I wanted to talk about a USB Hub...

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1 July 2021

ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub

I backed the ADG 100W GaN hub and charger some time ago, to be honest I had become so disillusioned with the supplier that...

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28 June 2021

Sony A7R IV

I recently (last six months or so) started to think about moving away from the Nikon Ecosystem. My first camera was a Nikon D5300...

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