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Category : hardware

My Microscopy Setup

Update: Would you believe my camera USB port broke, so I am in the process of changing the camera for my microscopy setup. If you are looking into setting up your own set-up, you may do better with a Canon camera which has EFSC. This reduces vibration significantly, once I have my new system up and running I will do another updated post.   People have asked about my microscopy setup, so I felt for completeness it would be useful […]

My Home Setup

Since i have a passion for programming, automation and electronics it stands to reason that my home incorporates many of these technologies. After looking through a number of different technologies I settled on Homeseer’s HS PRO, I initially started on HS2 Pro and in 2015 upgraded to the HS3 PRO offering. The benefit to me of Homeseer is that it provides for a framework to input sensors, and control actuators (e.g. Lights), and the functionality can be expanded by writing […]