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Category : internet technology

Protecting WordPress with Cloudflare

I use CloudFlare to manage my site in terms of peaks in traffic (e.g. Caching) in addition as in essence a firewall. One of the great features of CloudFlare is the ability to control traffic before it hits the web server (through A2 Hosting) itself. As an example there is no point wasting server resources on crawlers and spiders if these are not of benefit to your site and or strategy.  CloudFlare offers a few useful customization features (even on […]

SiteLock VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, gives you the ability to anonymously connect to the internet through an encrypted connection — masking your IP address from prying eyes (by tunnelling all your data encrypted through them). Your browsing data is encrypted, and can often be more secure than if you had connected to the internet without a VPN (e.g. Coffee Shops).  VPNs add security and privacy to both private and public networks. They are most often used by companies that […]

Luminar 4 – AI Structure

Skylum has released another teaser for their upcoming Luminar 4 release. This teaser demonstrates a new Artificial intelligence filter called AI Structure. In this video, I do a runthrough of the new AI based filter, and show how it changes an image. ——- Links ——- Luminar 4 – Teaser: https://trav.to/a491v Luminar 4 – Pre-order: https://trav.to/eilrg Pre-Order Luminar before the release and you may benefit from a discount. As the software gets closer to release the discount amount will reduce and/or […]