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Category : software

Excire Search 2

Excire is the creator of Excire Search 2 and Excire Foto. These are photo management and content tools which are powered by AI and designed to make your life easier in terms of finding photos by a range of parameters including Keyword, Faces, People and more. In this post I am looking at Excire Search 2 however, the principal of the software is the same between Excire Search 2 and Excire Foto, its just Excire Search 2 is a plugin […]

Luminar Neo

Skylum, the creators of Luminar AI and Aurora HDR have just announced their latest photo editing tool; Luminar Neo. This photo editor is the latest release from Luminar and is an addition to the Skylum family of products which includes Aurora HDR, and Luminar AI. Whilst the announcement has just been made, and more information will be released in the near future the aim of Luminar Neo is different to that of Luminar AI. It is not designed to be […]

ON1 Photo RAW 2022

ON1, the creators of PHOTO RAW and No Noise AI have just announced their upcoming version of Photo RAW 2022. This latest version looks to bring a number of exciting new features including some powered by AI, and one I am most excited about is the Photoshop plugin support which will be interesting to see how it functions. ON1’s press release identified the following features: New Sky Swap AI — Automatically detects the sky in photos and creates a mask. […]