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Category : graphics software

360 Image Processing Workflow – QooCam 8K

I recently started using the QooCam 8K – 360 camera (review to follow in the next few weeks) and it took me awhile to work out what the best workflow was (at least for me) to process my 360 images. In order to hopefully help some users, I thought I would share my specific workflow. For those who are looking at the QooCam 8K, at this point in time (Feb 2021) I cant really recommend this camera, the image is […]

Topaz DeNoise AI (V2.2.1)

Topaz Labs have recently released a major update to the Topaz DeNoise AI package (V2.2.1) and to celebrate are having a sale. For current owners of the package, no purchase is required and the update can be downloaded at no cost. For those who wish to purchase DeNoise AI, from Thursday May 28th 2020 through to Friday June 12th 2020 the package is on sale for $59.99 USD instead of the regular $79.99 USD. If you use the links in […]

ON1 360°

ON1 have been busy of late working on a range of new additions to their Photography software packages. As such I would recommend you consider subscribing to our newsletter and/or youtube channel to keep up to date with the latest releases, run-through’s and tutorials. The latest release by ON1 is their ON1 360° (al) service which is anticipated to be available late June 2020. This is a new cloud storage service and sync technology which is designed to allow photographers […]